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Post by Sam on Sun Nov 01, 2015 2:22 pm

Hello, Sam here. Forums are fun, right? Chatting with people, making new friends, roleplaying, n’ all that. But every forum needs it’s rules so nobody gets hurt. These’ll be pretty straight-forward rules, but everyone needs them just in case.

-No Bullying. This should be a pretty obvious one. Bullying includes: flaming, harassing, reporting people even if they did nothing wrong, and being rude in general. This also includes: racism, bashing others genders/sexualities, or trying to force your culture and/or religion down others throats. The staff here at The Coyote’s Way want to keep this place as friendly and welcoming as possible, and to do that, the members need to help too. If you are bullied while you're chatting on this server, please report it to an admin. Bullying is a serious matter, and will not be taken lightly.

-No extremely violent/vulgar/sexual scenes or images. The forumotion rules say this themselves. There could be young users on forums trying to get in a roleplay, and they see something that will probably scar them. A little blood and vulgarity is okay, but do NOT take it farther than it needs to go. Sexual scenes can be taken to the 15+ roleplay forum. The worst word I will allow on here is “ass” so you should know what to say and what not to say. You may ask yourself “What about historical pieces of art?” Yes, that is allowed. Things like the statue of David are not prohibited in any way. Anything extremely sexual, vulgar, or violent needs to be taken to private messages.

-Hacking, phishing, and personal information are definitely not allowed on this site. Whatever ever you do, don't give out your password and don't tell people your full name. It's pretty obvious why, but this still needs to be stated.

-Extra Rules. These don't really have a category, but you must be 11 OR OLDER to use our forums. You don't have to be a specific age above 11 to use the 15+ section, but it is recommended that you ARE over 15 because it could get a bit graphic.

And I think I've got everything covered, if I missed something, one of the admins/miss edit what I missed in if you feel like it's needed.

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